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Michael Andrew Nicholaou

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Michael Andrew Nicholaou
Michael Nicholaou

Lynn-Marie Carty, Private Investigator and CEO and Founder of has brought some enlightening information about a very frightening suspect. To view the information and compelling photos Lynn-Marie Carty has gathered, please visit the page on her site detailing Michael Nicholaou's crimes.

A Missing Woman and a Murder/Suicide

Michael Andrew Nicholaou killed his wife, 47-year-old Aileen Nicholaou, and critically wounded his stepdaughter on New Year's Eve in 2005. He then fatally shot himself in the mouth. He had broken his wife's shoulder only four weeks prior. she had left Nicholaou for the perceived safety of her sister's home. Nicholaou's stepdaughter, 22 year-old Taryn Bowman, later died from her injuries.

Nicholaou, born August 4, 1949, was a former porn shop owner from Charlottesville, Virginia. He drew the attention of law enforcement from selling obscene materials from his shop called "The Pleasure Chest." He also carried a hatred for women. He was also a Vietnam veteran accused of murdering civilians in the Mekong Delta back in 1971. In 1997, Nicholaou set fire to a family's car after his nine year old son was involved in altercation with another child.

Lynn-Marie Carty was hired by a Vermont mother in 2001 to help find her daughter, Michelle Ashley. Ashley was the mother of Nicholaou's two children and had disappeared in December of 1988 from their home in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Michelle had told her mother about Nicholaou's controlling behavior, and had even warned her mother that he might someday be responsible for her death. Nicholaou told police in Holyoke that Ashley had left with another man. Carty located Nicholoau, and asked him about Michelle Ashley. Nicholaou referred to Ashley as a "slut." He accused her of being a drug user who had abandoned her children.

When Carty heard the news about Nicholoau having killed his current wife and stepdaughter, she knew for sure that there was more to the story of Michelle Ashley. What she would find would be chilling. What she would find would help identify Nicholaou as a serial killer whose crimes are still being revealed.

A Survivor's Affirmation

In August of 1988, a pregnant Jane Boroski was attacked outside a market. At the time of Boroski's attack, police were investigating the deaths of six women. Their bodies had been dumped in wooded areas of Vermont and New Hampshire. The unknown suspect was being referred to as the Connecticut River Valley killer.

After meeting with Lynn-Marie Carty and viewing the evidence and photos gathered by the persevering private investigator, Boroski believes she has finally found the man responsible for trying to kill her in 1988. Jane Boroski believes full well that Michael Andrew Nicholaou was her attacker.

Connecting Nicholaou to the Parkway murders

We know he was from Virginia and traveled through out the area. He fits the composite of the man responsible for the disappearance of Alicia Showalter Reynolds, a case feels may be related to the Colonial Parkway murders.

Reynolds Composite and Nicholaou

Nicholaou often told people that he worked for the C.I.A. or was a police officer. We know that investigators in the Colonial Parkway case believed that the suspect in those attacks may have been using his identity as a law enforcement agent to facilitate his attacks

We are still connecting the dots. This is new information to, and the work will continue, even as we widen the scope of our research.'s own investigation revealed Nicholoau's taste for deviant video games that involve sexual assault using knives and other instruments.

More to Come!

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