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Amanda Yevette DeVaul Who killed Amanda Yevette Devaul? Please, help justice be served in this case.

Rose Marie Bagley What happened to Rose Marie Bagley? How come no one has been charged with her brutal murder?

Mandi Alexander & Mary Drake This double homicide remains unsolved. Someone know something...

The Zodiac Case The sniveling coward that terrorized the San Francisco and Riverside areas of California. He has never been captured.

Cipher Solving Center Solve the Zodiac 340 Cipher and Other Codes. Free Resources.

Judy Lichti Case A woman is killed by gunfire from a passing car. The killer has never been captured.

Ohio John Doe This mysterious man left this world without revealing his true identity.

The Crowder Point Couple This couple, wearing matching wedding bands, was found murdered north of McAlester, Oklahoma in 1996. Their identity and their killer remains unknown to this day.

The Colonial Parkway Murders A serial killer is responsible for the deaths of several young couple in Virginia. His identity remains a mystery.

The Ultimate Oklahoma Sex Offender Registry This directory aims to be the most comprehensive list of Oklahoma sex offenders available on the Internet.

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